Because we know how much you love our poems, the launch of our pre-orders wouldn’t be the same without a special edition to thank you all and remind you just amazing you all truly are!

Our pre-orders are packed and ready to go!
You’ll soon find your book outside your door.
We’re so excited to have gotten where we are.

The mailman’s here, it’s early morn
He grabbed your books and honked his horn
Now off they go to all those near and far!

So get inspired and smile for me
Tell us that you’re proud to be
Who you are and who you can become!

‘Cause your little voice is shouting
Asking you to stop doubting
Telling you that it will all be okay

There’s so many times we’ve all felt down
So many times we’ve walked around
Wondering what will happen next today

But keep dreaming of the days to come
Think of your little voice when you may feel numb
Just close your eyes and you will find a way

The time has come to realize
To close your eyes and visualize
Just how amazing you truly truly are.

(Hum to the tune of Chantal Kreviazuk – Leaving on a Jet Plane)