Little Voice is a social enterprise founded by author Amanda Bernardo and illustrator Samantha Clusiau-Lawlor. It seeks to educate children, and adults alike, by creating awareness for causes and initiatives through the power of literature and illustration.

Little Voice aims to inspire its readers to use their voice to chase their dreams and change the world. Proceeds from the Little Voice children’s books are used to support programs and charities throughout Canada, including the Alzheimer Society of Canada and the National Canadian Mental Health Association.

In addition to Little Voice’s published books, the Little Voice Ambassador Program is a great opportunity to join our movement and support causes and initiatives in your own community.

Together, Little Voice and its readers are making a difference one book and movement at a time!


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The Little Voice book teaches its readers to be confident, creative, ambitious and proud of who they are. By promoting a growth mindset, children are taught that dedication and hard work will enable them to chase their dreams! Doubt and fear, although innate to us all, are replaced with a motivational little voice that encourages children to embrace their differences, develop their talents, and build upon their resilience to manage any of life’s uncertainties.

The Little Voice book is proud to support the Forget Me Not Project! 

Also available in French.

La petite voix enseigne à ses lecteurs à être confiants, créatifs, ambitieux et fiers de qui ils sont. En favorisant un état d’esprit axé sur la croissance, on enseigne aux enfants que leur dévouement et leur travail acharné leur permettront de poursuivre leurs rêves! 

Le doute et la peur, bien qu’internes à nous tous, sont remplacés par une petite voix motivante qui encourage les enfants à embrasser leurs différences, à développer leurs talents et à renforcer leur résilience pour gérer les incertitudes de la vie.

Le petite voix est fier de soutenir le projet “Ne m’oublie pas“!

The Lighthouse is a story that aims to educate, support, and remind all those affected by mental illness that they are not alone. Through the power of literature and illustration, this open, honest and brave story supports all those who may be suffering in silence by breaking the very stigma that holds them hostage. The story serves as a symbolic reminder of the support, strength and hope that is represented by the lighthouse, and aims to teach its readers to become a beacon of light in their own communities.

The Lighthouse is proud to support the Be the Light Campaign!