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"Everyone has a voice deep down inside them, a voice that says “shine”. Some have loud voices, while some have quiet ones. Some people’s voice is so quiet they never get to hear it, while those that do may choose not to listen. Unfortunately, only a few decide to act on this voice, the stars who influence others to listen themselves."
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And the winners are…

Thank you to all those who entered our Little Voice Ebook Giveaway! We are very excited to share our ebook with our winners who were randomly selected using Contest Hopper.



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Here at Little Voice, we are huge supporters of local small businesses – not just because we ourselves are a small business, but because we truly believe in strengthening the economic base of our communities.

Alyssa Gregory’s article The Importance of Shopping and doing Business Locally perhaps says it best:

More and more, people are being encouraged to shop locally. This movement isn’t just a fad, and it has benefits that reach beyond keeping small mom and pop retailers afloat in a difficult economy. The more choices you have, the better the deals you can find. Small businesses encourage competition in the marketplace in a way that mega-corporations just can’t. Because local businesses help grow the economic base of your community, the dollars you spend have a domino effect. In many ways, that money will eventually find its way back to you.

On November 29th, Shop the Neighbourhood!

November 29th is the Shop The Neighbourhood event to promote local commerce! Better known as #shopthehood, this event is a free national initiative of Yellow Pages which supports small businesses and reminds Canadians how local shopping makes a difference in all our lives.

Check out the great deals in your participating city!

Ottawa has a great selection of registered small businesses! To see them all, visit the official Shop the Neighbourhood deals page here!

From apparel to groceries, beauty and wellness, home and garden, sports and fitness, computers and electronics, travel, kids and babies, restaurants and entertainment, there is truly something for everyone!

So, on November 29th … #shopthehood!


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Book Launch | Release Dates

After a year in the making, we are very pleased to announce that Little Voice has officially hit the printers. We are very pleased to be working with Imprimerie Gauvin, a Canadian printing house, whose knowledgeable staff have ensured the highest of standards in high-end digital printing.

With deadlines in mind, we are now happy to share our official book launch dates – subject to any printing delays. For those of you who have selected to pick-up your pre-order, you can now do so at one of our three book launches below:

In Ottawa…


Stella Luna – Ottawa, ON
Located at 1103 Bank Street
December 10, 2014 – 6:30pm to 9:30pm


 Raw Sugar – Ottawa, ON
Located at 692 Somerset St. W
December 15, 2014 – 5:00pm to 7:00pm

In Hamilton…


Croatia Restaurant & Sports Bar – GMR
Located at 166 Green Mountain Road East, Stoney Creek ON
December 12, 2014 – 7:00 to 9:00pm

If you have not yet pre-ordered your copy of Little Voice online, we will have copies of Little Voice for purchase at each event – quantities may be limited.

We are also pleased to announce that Little Voice will be at the Babbos Cuccina Italiana
Holiday Shopping Event!

This event is not a pick-up location but a chance to purchase
Little Voice in person among other great vendors and gift ideas!

For more information visit Babbos Cuccina Italiana online!


We thank you so much for all your support and
look forward to seeing you at each event!

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Ebook Giveaway

Read more to learn how!

ebook giveaway


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Little Voice The Ebook



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Are you listening?

“Everyone has a voice deep down inside them, a voice that says “shine”. Some have loud voices, some have quiet ones. Some people’s voice is so quiet they never get to hear it. Some of the people that get to hear it choose not to listen. Unfortunately, only a few decide to act on this voice, the stars who influence others to listen themselves.” – Author Unknown

Check out Little Voice’s mini feature on the story behind the story…



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Every Dream has a Price Tag

A year ago I set out to create a children’s book I hoped would touch the lives of all those who would read it. I wanted a story that would inspire people and would remind them of that little voice inside that makes them unique, brave, creative – the list is endless.

I guess a part of me also wanted to see if my book, which I hoped would inspire others, could also be used as a means to inspire myself.

Sharing something you’ve poured your heart into, something that for you specifically reflects a moment in your life or a part of you that you may have never shared before, is a very scary thing – at least for me it was.


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Best of 2014 | Best Kids’ Titles

As Chosen by Chapters | Indigo’s Expert Kids’ Book Buyers

book1Countablock by
Christopher Franceschelli


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It’s Official!

pre-order graphic1

It’s official, as of today you can pre-order your copy of Little Voice!


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Pre-Orders, Book Launches & More!

The costs of self-publishing a book can become a heavy burden for any author, so heavy that sometimes unique projects like these never make it to production. With our Pre-Order Campaign just around the corner, we can’t tell you just how important and essential this campaign is in bringing Little Voice to life!

Your pre-order will help us to produce, distribute and share our story!

Little Voice will be hosting three book launches in the Ottawa and Hamilton areas. In doing so, we hope to eliminate the costs of shipping and allow our readers a chance to pick up their pre-order at one of these three events! Our book launches will not only allow you to pick up your copy of Little Voice but it will also give us the opportunity to extend our sincerest thanks to you in person for supporting our Little Voice and little dream! The dates of these launches will be posted on our blog once Little Voice hits production!


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