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"Everyone has a voice deep down inside them, a voice that says “shine”. Some have loud voices, while some have quiet ones. Some people’s voice is so quiet they never get to hear it, while those that do may choose not to listen. Unfortunately, only a few decide to act on this voice, the stars who influence others to listen themselves."
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Meet the Voice

So, why a children’s book?

Everyone has their best method of expression; for Amanda, writing has always allowed her to express herself best. It is said that a writer writes because of their need to communicate. This couldn’t be more true. Today,  we learn the story behind author Amanda Bernardo’s Little Voice and the inspiration behind her message.


Meet the Artist

The Art Behind the Voice

The ability to draw, illustrate and create is a wonderful talent. This process as a whole allows us to understand not only the work, but also the artist. Today, we learn what inspired Little Voice’s illustrator Samantha Clusiau-Lawlor to join this project and how she was able to transform the inspirational text into a visual masterpiece!