Thank you so much to all those who attended our Chapters South Keys Launch!

We were thrilled to meet and greet with so many new faces this past Sunday at our Chapters  launch! The staff made our event a truly memorable one and we look forward to now sharing our story at their location!

But that’s not all …

We loved receiving all of your photos for our Chapters Giveaway! Learning about what inspires each of you continues to inspire us to do so much more! We loved learning about our readers and now we are excited to announce our winner!


Dolly shared her inspiration with us and now we are so happy to share it with all of you!

dolly and books
dolly and mommy

Dolly is an avid reader. She is young, but already she would rather sit together and read books anywhere, anytime, than do anything else in the world! Even though Dolly can’t quite talk yet, she is great at communication and I thought I could be the facilitator so that her “little voice” could have a big impact! Dolly shares with the world what a little reader likes to read! If Dolly’s little voice can encourage other kids, parents or guardians to pick up a good book and read, than we’ve succeeded!
– Dolly’s Mommy

Dolly and her mom will be able to enjoy some beautiful new reads as we send them a $50 gift card to enjoy at Chapters … and … a personalized copy of Little Voice to join her collection!