Two years ago I set out to write a story I hoped would inspire all those who would read it. My book, however, was just the beginning. My goal was and is to create a movement that will positively impact my community. By speaking at events and sharing my story, my goal has been to inspire children and adults alike to be proud of who they are while reminding them to chase their dreams.

Since December 2014, when I first published Little Voice, I have used this platform to give back in any possible way I can; whether it has been by donating books to schools or organizations like CHEO and the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, or by donating my time to speak to kids at the Proud to be Me Fun Day. I also created the Forget Me Not Project, a project that donates a portion of every book sale to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, a cause I hold extremely dear to my heart and have pursued in honour of my grandmother. How does it all relate? Well, my story encourages people to listen to their little voice and the Forget me Not Project reminds people of a disease that regrettably takes this little voice away from many people in our communities and country.

This upcoming June, I am hosting an event that I hope will combine both my desire to inspire and my love of volunteering to create a day where people can interact with the tremendous amount of inspiration in our city all while supporting our local chapter of the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa.

The event is a special screening of the documentary Dream, Girl, which will be released in May at the world premiere in New York City. This film focuses on women entrepreneurs who decided to listen to their little voice and accomplish something amazing. I am hoping that by putting on this event, I can inspire other women and young girls to listen to their own inner voice.


I would like to invite you to join us on June 5th for the Dream Big Dream, Girl Inspirational Luncheon. You can order your ticket online by visiting our shop page, space is limited!

We are also currently seeking sponsorships that can aid us in putting on this inspirational event. If you would like to get involved, please contact us today!

“There is a moment in your life when you know you are destined for something greater. There is a force pulling you to create, explore, build and lead. There is no map to guide you, no blueprint to help you navigate, just a tiny voice inside you telling you to dream BIG!” – Erin Bagwell, Director

Once upon a time, you listened to this little voice inside you. Today, I ask you to help others listen to theirs.

I hope you can join us,
Amanda Bernardo, author of Little Voice 
Start listening to your inner voice today!