We are all faced with challenges that make listening to our little voice sometimes a bit more difficult than we hope for. More often than not, our little voice is challenged by outside voices that make it impossible to hear our purpose, see our future and act upon our inner dreams.

Life is filled with many outside voices, voices that tell us we are not good enough, not strong enough, not bold enough, not wise enough, not daring enough, etc… a whole lot of “nots” that make believing in your little voice extremely challenging.

So, how do you silence the outside voices so that your inner voice is good enough, strong enough, bold enough, wise enough, etc…

  1. Remind yourself of who you are. What we think of ourselves will impact how others see us too. It’s so important to think positively of ourselves in order to empower our little voice. “I matter.” “I am a good person.” “I choose to see the good in people.” “I can make a difference.” “I choose to be proud of myself.”
  2. Understand the context. Sometimes when we are faced with a negative comment, judgement or experience, it’s hard to understand why. Understanding the context around a negative experience can help minimize it, creating a smaller impact on our lives. There will always be people in life who say negative things to make you feel bad about yourself; when we realize there is no context for such a comment, judgement or experience, we are able to quickly forget these voices.
  3. Honour your inner voice. Trust your little voice and follow it. Work on building your inner strength and confidence that will enable you to vocalize your authentic self and act upon your inner dreams. Give your little voice the platform to be heard; write down your thoughts, your goals, your dreams, your passion and remind yourself of what your little voice means to you.