Did you know that 2 years ago, in the month of October, Little Voice was born on a scrap piece of paper? It was tucked away for safekeeping until author Amanda’s own inner voice inspired her to publish her work!

Almost a year later, Little Voice was born on December 2, 2014.

It is incredible to think how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time!

Eight  months later, we returned to the drawing board to expand our audience and bring to you La petite voix. Now, with our story available in English and French, our movement continues to grow and inspire others to listen to their little voice, as Amanda did so long ago.

Within the pages of our book, our story can teach you many things. Our message can encourage you to be proud of who you are; to be strong, courageous and bold; to believe in yourself when all else fails; and to chase your dreams no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

However, if there is anything our story can teach you by reading between the lines, it is this:

We all struggle to listen to that inner voice inside us. Though this struggle may be different for each of us; it is nonetheless one that is relatable to so many people. It is normal that within these times of struggles we believe that we are all alone; however, the reality is, and as we’ve seen from speaking at a number of events, we can all relate to fear, disbelief and hopelessness.

The secret to overcoming this is simple (though it may not always seem that way). If we can stop and listen to our inner voice and cancel out the noise around us, then in that moment, we will find not only ourselves but a path to so many amazing opportunities.

As the expression goes, “We are often our worst critics” and with that, we oftentimes stand in our own way. All it takes is a moment to stop, listen and believe in the little voice within and there is no telling what you can accomplish!

If Amanda hadn’t listened to her inner voice, this movement would not be here today. Just think what will not be here tomorrow, if you fail to listen to your little voice today.

“It takes a great leap of faith to believe in the tiny voice inside us, but it has certainly proven to be one of the best decisions of my life.” – Amanda Bernardo, author of Little Voice.