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"Everyone has a voice deep down inside them, a voice that says “shine”. Some have loud voices, while some have quiet ones. Some people’s voice is so quiet they never get to hear it, while those that do may choose not to listen. Unfortunately, only a few decide to act on this voice, the stars who influence others to listen themselves."
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Enabled Not Disabled For My Community


Enabled not Disabled helps children with Neuro-Motor disorders in the Ottawa region achieve greater independence.

The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County For My Community

1750 Russell Road | Ottawa, Ontario, K1G1J2

Support the Little Voice Forget Me Not Project with the Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County (DSORC) movement. By supporting this movement, Little Voice will support DSORC's essential programs and services that work to effectively alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias within our community.

Coupon Code: dementia

The Ottawa Mental Health Gala For My Community

215 Preston Street | Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 7R1

The Mental Health Gala, held on May 4, 2018, is a unique event that aims to raise money for two very important organizations in our community, Do It For Daron (DIFD) and The Royal Ottawa.

Proud to Be Me For My Community


Proud to Be Me raises funds for community resources, organizations and programs that help empower and educate youth.

401 Smyth Road | Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 8L1

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario is a pediatric health and research center providing outstanding family-centered patient care, pioneering breakthrough research, and training the health care professionals of tomorrow.

ProjectBE - Stand with Refugees For My Community


Through ProjectBE, public servants are helping Canada's new refugees find their place in our multicultural society. By purchasing a Little Voice book using the coupon code "projectbe" a portion of each book sale will be donated to ProjectBE's fundraising efforts. You can also donate directly by visiting: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/FundraisingPage.aspx?registrationID=4006531&langPref=en-CA.

Toy Mountain For My Community

350 Sparks Street | Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 0A4

Toy Mountain and the Salvation Army provide toys to over 20,000 children.

Buzz for Boobs For My Community


Learn more about JUMP! 106.9's Buzz for Boobs by visiting http://www.jumpradio.ca/buzz-for-boobs/!

Hopewell For My Community

404 McArthur Avenue | Ottawa, Ontario, K1K 1G8

Hopewell is eastern Ontario’s only eating disorder support centre that provides knowledge and care to eating disorder sufferers and their families.

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