So, why a children’s book?

Everyone has their best method of expression; for Amanda, writing has always allowed her to express herself best. It is said that a writer writes because of their need to communicate. This couldn’t be more true. Today,  we learn the story behind author Amanda Bernardo’s Little Voice and the inspiration behind her message.

meet the v n the a

Books have always been a part of my life; it seemed only natural that my love for writing followed. It started with filling pages of journals, to my first attempt at age seven to write a mini novel. As I got older, I continued to pursue this love for reading and writing by obtaining my Bachelors of Arts with Honours in English Literature from Carleton University.

I have always been in love with the power that can be found behind a single word and the even greater power behind a collection of many. We often don’t realize how powerful words can be, or how the echo of such words can inspire or touch countless lives. I have always recognized this emotional connection that can be established and I wanted to utilize it to inspire others.

In the beginning, I never thought my first attempt at showcasing some of my work would fall in the form of a children’s book. I was surprised that I was even attempting to share my work at all. Though I wouldn’t describe myself as shy, it always seemed easier to inspire others to chase their dream and more difficult to chase my own. It was almost a year ago that I started listening to my own little voice that told me it was time to take my love for writing and pursue it with full vigor – but where would I begin?

At the time, I was a volunteer reader for elementary school children. It was here that I became more exposed to children’s literature. Some kids loved the hour we spent together reading, while others did not feel as strongly. For those children who were not as compelled by literature, I wanted to know why. In my opinion, the books that had been selected were missing something. There was no underlying moral, no lesson to be shared, no inspiration or hope for tomorrow.

I was twenty-four years old at the time when I was struggling with my own little voice, but it was also then that I wondered about the struggles children were facing with their own little voices. I realized listening to this little voice inside was a constant struggle, not just at twenty-four but also at six, twelve or forty-five ― there truly is no age limit.

But what if at six years old you picked up a book that told you it was okay to listen to that voice, to believe in yourself, to pursue your dreams and make them a reality? Then maybe, just maybe, when that child reached twenty-four they wouldn’t be struggling as I had once been.  And so, Little Voice was born.

What started as a cathartic journey to find the little voice inside myself turned into an inspirational message that I hope will touch all those who read it.

– Amanda Bernardo, Author