Sometimes, it can be difficult to remind not only others, but also ourselves, to be proud of who we are. We often times become so busy with life, or so consumed by other things grabbing for our attention, that we forget to remind ourselves to be proud of our accomplishments, proud of our differences and proud of the people we’ve become.

I certainly know this to be true; it took me awhile to recognize how far I’ve come in life and how proud I should be of all that I’ve accomplished. In many ways, Little Voice taught me, as much as I hoped it would teach others, to be proud of who I am. It also led me to work with an amazing organization that I am now extremely excited to have on board for the Dream Big Dream, Girl Inspirational Luncheon:

PMB Logo

Proud to be Me was established in 2011 in an effort to promote a world that is filled with compassion, empathy and kindness. The group raises funds for community resources, organizations and programs that help empower and educate youth in their mission towards inclusion and anti-bullying. Little Voice is extremely honoured to be a recipient of one of these grants that will be used to bring the Dream, Girl film to Ottawa!

By working together, we know the Dream, Girl Luncheon can have a positive impact in our community, a community where all can be accepted and proud of who they are!

Thank you Proud to be Me for being our platinum sponsor!


 The countdown is on, and the Dream, Girl Luncheon is officially only 44 days away!