Little Voice is very excited to be a part of the June 1st Proud to be Me Fun Day!

The Little Voice message is one in which promotes individuality, creativity, confidence and ambition. We strive to create an impact with our story by encouraging people to be proud of who they are, confident in their actions and ambitious with the goals they strive to chase after. When the Proud to be Me foundation reached out to Little Voice to join their event, we were thrilled to accept their invitation and even more excited to work with an organization that believed in our message as much as we do!

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What is the Proud to be Me Foundation?

The Proud to be Me Foundation was established in 2011. Their mission is to create a community where everyone is able to realize their full potential; where everyone is confident in themselves and accepting of others!  Ultimately, Proud to be Me strives to remind people to be proud, confident, accepting and open to others. Their events, programs and initiatives raise money for local causes and opportunities where positive messages can continue to inspire children and communities in new and engaging ways! Their fundraising helps to support local programs and essentially a better community for all of us!


What is the Proud to be Me Fun Day?

The day will be comprised of fun workshops, free play, lunch, guest speakers, entertainment and yoga … plus a few fun surprises!

Check-in: Will be 8:00-9:00am. A legal guardian will need to sign in and out the youth attendee and show a photo identification.

Pickup: 3:45-4:30 pm.

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Why should you register?

10. It’s a YOUTH EMPOWERMENT event open to youth ages 7-12 taking place in Ottawa, Ontario on Monday, June 1.

9. It’s FREE! – Thanks to fundraising by local community and business leaders and Ottawa Senators players and wives!

8. It’s going to be FUN (free play, laser tag, games) at Funhaven.

7. It’s a POWERFUL MESSAGE (“I Am Proud To Be Me!”)

6. It supports a BULLY-FREE society – City of Ottawa Councillor Allan Hubley will be kicking off the event

5. It will be EDUCATIONAL and EMPOWERING – Workshops on dance, fitness, mindfulness, and yoga

4. It will be INSPIRING – Josée Lindsay, author of Superspark will teach us to IGNITE THE HERO WITHIN.

3. It will MOTIVATING – Former NFL player, comedian, and firefighter Mark Hatfield will teach us a GAME PLAN to turn road blocks into stepping stones.

2. It will make your child UNLEASH THEIR INNER NINJA – Master Phil will kickoff 9:00am-10:15am and will speak about “Bully Busters and Beyond! 9 Treasures to Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Strength of Character.

1. It is being organized by some pretty AMAZING POWERHOUSE WOMEN – Loving mothers and heart-centered entrepreneurs who care about our community and would love to have your kids join us!


Register your child today, while tickets are still available!

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