By now, you’ve heard about the Little Voice Movement and the potential it has to make a difference in your school, community, or child’s future.

With many teachers getting ready for back to school, a lot of our social media has been flooded with stories on how teachers go above and beyond to support their classrooms by purchasing supplies, books, materials, etc…

Little Voice is lucky to know many teachers across Canada and so, we know how many of our teachers pay for many of their classroom supplies out of pocket. Our Little Voice movement was launched with these teachers in mind.

We wanted to create a platform that would allow teachers, students, and entire classrooms to support their school. We’ve already explained how easy it is to register your movement but now, we want to show you just how powerful our movement can be.


Imagine you have a class of 30 students. Each student is challenged with selling 10 Little Voice/La petite voix books. Let’s say you decide to run your movement for one month. In that one month, you just raised $1,500 dollars to support your classroom, or new books in your library.

But wait … there’s more.

Suppose you challenge your entire school to get involved in your movement. Instead of 30 students, you now have 10 classrooms involved – let’s say 300 students! Again, each student is challenged with selling 10 books and they do! In just one month, you now have gone from fundraising $1, 500 dollars to $15, 000 dollars!

The power of the Little Voice Movement is real! Become an ambassador today and start inspiring your students to make a difference in their school!

A special shout-out to Avery Mondoux for starting her own Little Voice movement in support of the Half Moon Bay Public School! Order your Little Voice book today using the promo code “HMBPublic”!