As the excitement settles and the book signings end, the official launch of The Lighthouse is behind us, and our favourite part of the publishing process is about to begin.

A lot of people often ask us: What is your favourite part of the publishing process? While we love to hold our book in hand for the very first time, the best part of publishing a new book is often hearing from others who get to read it.

The reaction, feedback, and support from our readers is priceless!

This past week, we got to hear from those that pre-ordered our book, and even those that read The Lighthouse in store at our book signings. We met people from all across Ottawa who travelled to meet us because they believed in the message we are trying to share.

It was an incredible feeling knowing that others could relate to the situations found in our book.

While we couldn’t fully anticipate how our readers would react to the launch of The Lighthouse, we were extremely happy to see that they resonated with the message in our book, and that they agreed that it would support a deeper and more meaningful conversation around mental health.

To see our readers connect and relate to the simple text, yet meaningful depictions of mental illness presented in our book reaffirms the need for us to continue to openly discuss mental health – at every age. In doing so, we are able to remind more and more people that they are not alone and that they too can share their story without fear of judgment.

This is only the beginning of our conversation on mental health. Be sure to continue to follow our journey and to get involved in helping us break the stigma on mental illness!