The month of October always reminds me of when I first set out to publish Little Voice.

Two years ago, I was looking for the inspiration and motivation to set me on the path I am now fortunate enough to be on today. I never would have imagined that I would have transformed the same inspirational poem that got me chasing my dreams into a children’s book that would encourage others to chase their own.

Almost a year later since we officially released Little Voice on December 2, 2014 … I am overwhelmed by how many lives my story has been able to touch, and more importantly, thankful for all the support I have received to get me here today.

Thanksgiving reminds us to be thankful for our family and friends but also for the small accomplishments that make up the sum of our lives, the memories that shape who we are and yes, even the difficult times that have allowed us to evolve into who we needed to become.

There are always certain days in our lives that remind us of all these things, Thanksgiving of course being one of them. However, your little voice is reaching out to you every day to remind you of these very things and possibly so much more. It’s up to us whether we choose to listen, or if we wait till a specific day throughout the year to remind ourselves to be proud of who are, thankful to those who surround us and grateful for what we have.

I hope that throughout our Little Voice journey we have been able to properly share our thanks with all those who have touched us, not just today, but every day. 

Specifically, Samantha and I would both like to thank our friends and family for being so supportive of us and being the ultimate cheerleaders! We would also like to thank all of the teachers and parents who have gone out of their way to share their feedback and who actively choose Little Voice to read to their students and at night to read to their children! A big thank you also goes to all those who have taken part in our #30BooksFundraiser and who have purchased a copy of Little Voice to be donated to a local school, organization or fundraiser. On behalf of these organizations and children, we want to thank you for promoting a love of reading.

I would also personally like to say thank you to all those who at some point in my life did not believe in me. We all encounter these people, but let me tell you something, it was those people and situations that motivated me more than anything to accomplish something as special as Little Voice. It was those people that allowed me to give my little voice a microphone to steer me in the right direction and create something I am so proud to share with you all today!

Finally, I would like to thank the Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Alzheimer Society of Ottawa and Renfew County for allowing me to use my platform as a means of supporting a cause that is extremely dear to my heart. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make my Nonna proud. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

Amanda Bernardo, author of Little Voice