Each year, in anticipation for the year ahead, parents received a back-to-school checklist to ensure their child has everything they need to start the new school year. We are all familiar with this list: 1 box of crayons, 1 glue, 1 large eraser, 2 boxes of pencils, 1 sharpener, 5 spiral notebooks, a backpack, etc…

But what if we had our checklist all wrong?

We all know that back-to-school supplies are certainly an important part in preparing students for their academic year, however, as we all know, school is much more than an academic playground.

“I still remember the nights before the first day of school like it was yesterday. There was always this sense of anxiety lingering before the first day. Would you be in the same class with your friends? Would you fit in? Is your outfit okay? Who would your teachers be? Etc… Though a lot of time has passed since I was in elementary school myself, this same anxiety is prevalent in kids today, possibly even more prevalent than in the past. I think the pressures of growing up are a lot more prevalent in today’s society and so in turn, the level of anxiety leading up to the first day of school is likewise increasing.”
– Amanda Bernardo, author of Little Voice

Here at Little Voice, we strongly believe that supporting and developing a child’s inner voice is just as important as school supplies, not only on the first day of school but all year long! So, we decided to create our own Little Voice Back-to-School Checklist, one that is filled with confidence, inspiration and ways to eliminate the back-to-school butterflies and anxiety.

The Little Voice Back-to-School Checklist:

1. Help your child to trust him or her self. “Part of building confidence is learning how to cope with all types of situations.” Allow your child to make choices for themselves that will help to reinforce their confidence. Letting them pick their back to school outfit is a great example of a decision that can reinforce a child’s confidence on their first day.

2. Help to identify your child’s strengths. “Parents who identify their children’s strengths and help them develop those strengths will see their children become increasingly competent. Their children will experience success. They will be inspired and confident. They will gain a sense that they have something to offer the world.”

3. Mistakes are not setbacks but opportunities to learn. “By teaching our children that continued effort, practice, and learning are the keys to success, setbacks are no longer seen as frightening, and children become more resilient – willing to take risks and try new things.” The fear of failure can often cause a child a lot of anxiety, help to eliminate that fear by transforming the concept of a mistake into an opportunity to learn.

4. Remind your child to be proud of who they are, exactly how they are, with no exceptions! The peer pressures of “fitting-in” can cause a lot of anxiety. It’s important to teach your child to be comfortable in their own skin and have unwavering confidence in who they are. This confidence will transcend beyond student relationships and allow your child to feel strong and capable in all aspects of their school day.

5. Let your child know they are loved, and offer an open, safe environment at home to talk about potential stressors. Allowing your child to take that stress off his or her shoulders will help them tackle school with a more positive attitude, with less worry and anxiety weighing them down.

Little Voice is a great resource that helps parents and teachers alike teach children to be confident, ambitious and proud of who they are!

If you’re looking for an “easy” button to tackle back-to-school stress and anxiety, we invite you to read our story and use our message to support and inspire your child!

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Sometimes we all just need to listen to our little voice in order to be reminded of our confidence, ambition and ability to be proud of who we are! Empower your child today!