With June coming to an end that means the school year is just about to finish! For some, it means graduating, changing schools and starting the next chapter of their lives!

But what do you get your graduate? What will help them as they take on this new adventure?

The answer is simple: inspiration.


Whenever we take on something new or venture off into the unknown, we want advice. We want to know that everything will be okay. We want to feel empowered, confident, courageous and ambitious. We want to, at the end of the day, believe in ourselves despite not knowing what to expect next.

But often times, words of advice can easily go in one ear and out the other. So, how do you ensure your inspirational words will make their mark? You hand your student or child the words you hope will impact them and you let them choose how they will relate to them. You let them find the path that best fits with their own struggles, goals and plans for the future.

You hand them a book and you let them take away from it the inspiration and motivation you hoped they would!

This year for graduation, we invite you to empower your class, student or child with the words behind Little Voice’s inspirational story. We want to help you teach your child about self-determination, about believing in themselves, about going on new adventures, about being courageous and about believing that anything is possible!

Order your copy today and give the gift of inspiration!