From the very beginning, Little Voice has been a story all about giving back. It started with Amanda’s goal to give children a book that would teach them something, that would provide a moral to the story, and a way for children to feel engaged. Eventually, Little Voice became a symbol of inspiration, a way for parents and teachers to inspire their children and students to believe that they can accomplish anything. Now, Little Voice is known across Canada as a way to fundraise and really give back in your local communities.


But why is it important to give back?

Giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do.

When Little Voice turned from book to business, it knew that giving back had to be at the centre of its existence. And so, Little Voice aimed to give back in three ways: 1) in education, 2) in community, and 3) in mental health (including Alzheimer’s disease).

Little Voice is a tool we hope parents and teachers can use to educate their children on the importance of a growth mindset. “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” We also hope that parents can use Little Voice through its rhyme-and-meter to teach their children how to read. We truly pride ourselves on the rhyme in our story that makes reading easy for all ages.

Community is everything for Little Voice. It is at the heart of our mission and what makes doing everything we do worth it. The Little Voice Movement is our way of supporting our community, of enabling others to use our platform to support local schools, community causes, and even your child’s RESP. Community brings people together and that is exactly what we hope to accomplish with Little Voice.

When we think of mental health, we often times think of our inner voice. The one that challenges us, the one that makes us doubt ourselves, the one that we sometimes can’t ignore, and the one that perhaps isolates us more than anything. At Little Voice, we want to remind you of the positive voice inside you, the one that believes in you, the one that encourages you to chase your dreams and to never give up. While Little Voice has set up the Forget Me Not Project in support of the Alzheimer Society of Canada, our message is universal to mental health and aims to shift the concentration on the negative voice inside to the positive.

So, why is it important to give back?

For Little Voice, it is our mission to give back. Random acts of kindness or planned fundraising initiatives can make all the difference in so many lives. Whether you give your time or your money, you’ve chosen to contribute to your community and the lives of all those within it.  You’ve decided to take action, and that in itself is one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone. You’re telling causes and people that HEY, I SEE YOU! I SUPPORT YOU! AND I AM HERE TO HELP. When we support one another, incredible things can happen, and this is why it is so important to give back.

“We rise by lifting others.”