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The Little Voice Movement is an opportunity to inspire children, adults, teachers, parents and entire communities to listen to their little voice. There is no age limit, no time limit, simply a commitment to inspire others!

Here’s how it works:

The Little Voice Ambassador Program works in many ways like our favourite chocolate drives we’ve known since we were little kids. Instead of encouraging you to promote a future cavity, we want to encourage you to inspire others using Little Voice.

By registering to become an Little Voice Ambassador, you can create your own inspirational movement in your community. Whether you choose to support your school, an important cause, or your future, Little Voice will donate $5 dollars from every book sale you’ve made to support your movement.

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What better way to inspire the next generation than by supporting a child’s future education? By registering for this option, Little Voice will help grow your child’s Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

Teachers and students can register to fundraise on behalf of their school. You can register an entire class, or create a friendly competition among your entire school. With this option, Little Voice will make a direct donation to your school on behalf of your movement.

Looking to support a cause in your community? Whether you choose to support a charity, a fundraiser, a group or individual in need, Little Voice will make a direct donation to your community cause.

After you’ve registered:

Once you have registered to become an official Little Voice Ambassador, you have two options to build your movement:

Upon registering, all LV Ambassadors will receive an official “coupon” code by e-mail that will register all book sales under your name. When encouraging someone to purchase a book online, it is important that they use this code to track your movement’s sales. Whether you choose to start a movement solo, or as a group, your coupon code can be used by more than one person and will be used to identify your movement.

Note: All online orders are subject to shipping fees. Little Voice currently only ships within North America. To start a Little Voice movement outside of North America, please contact us.

If you are a resident in Ottawa, you can download our Order Form and support your movement with in-person sales. By doing so, Little Voice will arrange one drop-off at one location to deliver all books and collect all sales.

Note: You can download the Order Form here.

Become a Little Voice Ambassador Today!